Our Story

Better Brands, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business with its origin dating back to 1965. It began with a vision and a 7,000 square foot warehouse that Mr. John T. Stanko built in downtown Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Mr. Stanko recognized potential due to tourism growth and developed a wholesale beverage operation in the local market. It was in those early years that John Stanko hired a route salesman named William ‘Spud’ Spadoni, who quickly worked his way up in the company, winning Mr. Stanko’s respect and confidence. Ten years later, Mr. Stanko provided William ‘Spud’ Spadoni an opportunity to purchase the company and become the new President of Better Brands. During this time, his leadership helped Better Brands grow by becoming an original wholesaler of Eagles Snacks in addition to distributing a dynamic portfolio of beer brands.Over fifty years later, Better Brands continues to be one of the top Anheuser-Busch distribution operations in the nation and proudly represents over eighty beverage partners in the counties of Horry and Georgetown. The family-owned tradition continues at Better Brands today as Brenda Spadoni Bethune, the daughter of the late William Spadoni, proudly serves as President/Chairman of the Board and majority owner. Mike Riley, Chief Executive Officer, has continued to keep moving the company forward over the past two decades all the while being an active leader within Beer Wholesaler Associations on both state and national levels. In January of 2017, Jason Hayes was hired as the Executive Vice President to help guide a business Bethune says was built by “team members, past and present” and “relationships built with customers and the community.”

With over 4 million cases sold annually, Better Brands’ superior product line has been founded on such a strong principle that even the company name, Better Brands, communicates this philosophy. Products such as Bud Light, Budweiser and Michelob Ultra continue to be favorites within domestic beer sales in the Grand Strand area. Over the last 20 years Better Brands’ dynamic portfolio has experienced exponential growth with companies such as Boston Beer Company – providing brands like Sam Adams which helped develop the spark that ignited a craft beer revolution. Now Boston Beer Company has developed ascending products such as Twisted Tea, Angry Orchard, and Truly Spiked Seltzer. Constellation Brands imports quality, iconic brands such as Corona Extra and Modelo Especial and are a visionary company behind some of the hottest brands in the industry. In addition, Better Brands distributes over 50 national and local craft brewery suppliers as well as a strong non-alcohol catalog throughout Horry & Georgetown County. With the 67,000 square foot warehouse expansion in 1992, it gave the company the capacity to capitalize on the future craft beer boom and beyond. As an ever-growing and innovative company, Better Brands has added key internal operational areas, a mechanic garage, print shop, and gas pumps to assist the Sales and Service teams deliver “Best is Standard” service to its customers.

Over fifty years and counting, Better Brands stands as one of the strongest corporate success stories along the Grand Strand that has earned multiple awards throughout the years. Better Brands’ commitment to being an ambassador of quality products and service with a continuing dedication to our customers, employees, community, and core value of hard work and customer focus have resulted in a company that is not only the best beverage distribution operation in the local market, but one of the strongest in the nation.