Welcome Bell’s Inspired Brewing!

Welcome to the Better Brands family Bell’s Inspired Brewing!

While brewing with a 15-gallon soup pot, Larry Bell sold his first commercial beer in 1985. The first brewed amber ale was called Great Lakes Amber. One year later Beer production reaches 135 barrels (1 barrel = 31 gallons): originally self-distributed, Larry and a staff of 9 bottle and deliver everything for the next four years.

In 1986, feferring to the coastline created by the Great Lakes, Third Coast Beer was created before the craft beer market really took hold in the United States: people were afraid of beer called “ale.” Even though it is technically a Pale Ale, it was named “beer” to be more approachable. The original label set was a series of 24 different labels that traced a map of all 3,288 miles of the Michigan coastline, touching four of the five Great Lakes. TCB went to Larry’s Library in 2017.

By January of 1989, Bell’s was shipping more than 500 barrels annually, Rave Associates, based in Ann Arbor, becomes our first wholesaler to further establish Bell’s across the state of Michigan. 7 miles from Bell’s original location, Comstock will become the future home of Bell’s main brewery. Bell’s Kalamazoo location continues to be a home to innovation.  Bell’s Comstock Brewery expands for the first time in 2005, but not the last. Construction will continue, in stages from here on out.  A year later, An Anton Paar for measuring alcohol, density and estimating calories is installed in the Bell’s Quality Lab. In April 2010 Larry Bell wins brewers association recognition award. By 2018, Twelve additional 800 barrel fermenters are installed, yeast propagation system receives upgrades, two pilot brew systems and a specialty packaging line are also added. Bell’s Brewing continues to grow their brewing operations and create amazing beers over the last three decades!