Welcome Allagash Brewing

Welcome to the Better Brands family Allagash Brewing!

The tale of Allagash brewing started in 1995, Rob Tod opened a brewery. The year prior, he worked at Otter Creek Brewery—doing everything from washing kegs, to cleaning tanks, to brewing beer. Rob rented a spot in the corner of a warehouse in an industrial park and called it Allagash Brewing Company. Over the next couple months, Rob literally welded together a 15-barrel brewing system and jackhammered a few drains into the floor. After a couple pilot batches, he started brewing in earnest. He wanted to start with one beer, and one beer only: a Belgian-style wheat beer called Allagash White.

At first, beer drinkers didn’t really know what to think of Allagash White. It was nothing like the clear, crisp lagers they’d been drinking for years. It was hazy. It was brewed with spices (coriander and Curacao orange peel). Luckily, once people started to get it, they came back to Allagash White again and again.  It was also around 1999 that Allagash picked up a brewer from Vermont named Jason Perkins. A dedicated brewer who would help us expand our brewing operation far beyond that one Belgian-style wheat beer.

By 2004, Allagash was brewing quite a few more beers than White. One of the fan favorites, Tripel—a belgian-style golden ale—was aging in bourbon barrels. Depending on who you ask, Jason or Rob, it was either a happy accident or a calculated experiment. Either way, the resulting beer became Curieux, one of our most beloved year-round beers. Jason’s initiative and brewing knowledge helped us build out our, now extensive, wild beer program. Interlude, a mixed-fermentation ale aged in wine barrels, was the first bottled wild beer Allagash ever sold.  While 2007 marked the first of many brewery expansions, 2010 was when things really began to grow. In 2010, Allagash officially moved the primary brewing and bottling equipment out of our original building and into a larger brewery space built next door. In 2011 Allagash installed a new keg line. In 2013 they added on a larger tasting room and installed our high-efficiency BrauKon brewing system. And in 2015 they expanded the bottling line.

Over the years Allagash White has won several awards including, Gold Medals at the 2017 European Beer Star, 2015 GABF, World Beer Cup 2012 and 2010, as well as many other accomplishments. As a brewery, Allagash strives to create some of the best Belgian-style beers in the world. As people, they make sure to enjoy themselves along the way. Part of that joy comes from constantly pushing the sustainability of the brewing operation and making a positive impact in the community. Allagash buys local ingredients, support local organizations, and volunteer time and expertise to help their community flourish!