Two Lane Brewing

Daleville, VA


Brewed in Daleville, Virginia at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Two Lane is proud to produce every can in a place that feels like home. Whether it’s the homegrown two-row barley and water from the Blue Ridge Mountains in our beer, the carefully selected list of hometown flavors in our lager, or the genuine love we have of country music, we strive to bring you feelings of home with every sip. We don’t have to go far for our water source. Tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western Virginia, our water comes from Carvin’s Cove, a reservoir fed by rainfall that drains from the surrounding watershed within a 12,700 acre natural reserve. This oasis supplies crisp, clean drinking water for people miles around, and is a key ingredient in each can of Two Lane.




  • American Golden Lager

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