TW Pitchers Brewing

San Francisco, CA


At TW Pitchers’ Brewing Company, we make craft shandies. We’re not talking about those overly-sweet, soulless lemon concoctions produced by America’s largest breweries each summer. No, no, no. We brew small batch shandies by blending well crafted beer with delicious all natural fruit. We bring creativity, quality, and depth to a new segment of the beer industry, and we do it year round. Never heard of a shandy? No worries, we’re here to help spread the word! Shandies refer to beer blended with fruit juice or other ingredients to make a refreshing, crisp brew. Unlike other fruit beers, shandies typically incorporate the addition of an ingredient after fermentation has completed.Founders Tommy and Wilson met pitching for their college baseball team. The right handed hurlers weren’t very good and spent most of their baseball careers on the bench talking about their shared interested in craft beer. Soon after graduation, they moved to San Francisco to work on their first brew.

Where did the name TW Pitchers’ come from? It stands for “Tommy and Wilson, pitchers” or “Two Williams pitchers.” The dynamic duo attended Williams College in Western Massachusetts, where 99% of their time was spent studying, playing baseball, and home brewing. Armed with a little bit of know-how, and a whole lot of gumption, Wilson and Tommy are committed to quenching America’s thirst, one can of delicious beer at a time. Cheers!



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