Terroir Connections

Miami, FL

Website: https://terroirconnections.com/

After years of working the market, and wearing the importer, the distributor and the producer’s team jerseys, we decided to stop, listen and develop an innovative way of working in this complex, competitive and challenging 3 tier system to the benefit of the three key components, the producer, the buyer and the end consumer, not the middle men. Our multicultural team is focused on creating long, successful, profitable connections between the winemaker, the distiller and the market, and dedicated to finding the best brand and the right buyer for it to create long lasting business relationships, repetitive sales and real market presence.

We are about real productive, successful partnerships, not about one time business. Our goal is to create and add value to both sides of the business, the wineries and distilleries and the distributors, to offer optimal selling and buying opportunities, and fluid, transparent efficient logistics solutions to make brands available to the U.S. market at real competitive pricing. Fair play, transparency, open communication and building long term, successful business relationships are key values shared by our team members and the foundation of Terroir Connections.

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  • Just Malbec Please
  • Misiones De Rengo
  • Proyecto Cuatro Cava
  • Ponte Prosecco Extra Dry
  • Ponte Prosecco Rose


  • Mi Tierra Anejo Tequila
  • Mi Tierra Reposado Tequila
  • Mi Tierra Silver Tequila


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