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After years of working the market, and wearing the importer, the distributor and the producer’s team jerseys, we decided to stop, listen and develop an innovative way of working in this complex, competitive and challenging 3 tier system to the benefit of the three key components, the producer, the buyer and the end consumer, not the middle men. Our multicultural team is focused on creating long, successful, profitable connections between the winemaker, the distiller and the market, and dedicated to finding the best brand and the right buyer for it to create long lasting business relationships, repetitive sales and real market presence.

We are about real productive, successful partnerships, not about one time business. Our goal is to create and add value to both sides of the business, the wineries and distilleries and the distributors, to offer optimal selling and buying opportunities, and fluid, transparent efficient logistics solutions to make brands available to the U.S. market at real competitive pricing. Fair play, transparency, open communication and building long term, successful business relationships are key values shared by our team members and the foundation of Terroir Connections.

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Just Malbec Please

13.5% Just Malbec Please is more than wine – it is a concept developed for those consumers who are starting to explore this variety. Unoaked with great body and silky textures on the palate. This wine stands out for it’s fresh feel, the typicity of this varietal and its easy-to-drink nature which turn into the perfect option for simple refreshing occasions.

Misiones De Rengo Cabernet Sauvignon

13%  Aromas of red fruit, like cherries and cassis perfectly combined with notes of vanilla and chocolate. This wine is notably fresh and has medium body and a long, pleasant and fruity finish.

Misiones De Rengo Merlot

13% Intense aromas of black fruit, like blackberries and plums along with notes of vanilla and spices. This juicy and fruity wine is medium-bodied with smooth tannins and a long, sweet, pleasant finish.

Misiones De Rengo Rose

12.5% Dominated by notes of fresh red fruit like strawberries and plums. Delicious acidity that brings out the fruity flavors, with a delightful sweet finish.

Misiones De Rengo Sauvignon Blanc

12% Intense aroma with characteristic citrus fruit notes of grapefruit, pineapple and mango, along with delicate herbal notes. this is a notably fresh style, with balanced acidity and a long, fruity finish.

Ponte Prosecco Extra Dry

11% Ponte Prosecco Extra Dry has a bright staw yellow color with a tiny and long lasting mousse. The bouquet is reminiscent of fresh flowers with a fruity apple and pear fragrance. The palate is lively and light with moderate alcohol.

Ponte Prosecco Rose

11% Elegant, delicate antique pink, with stunning light rose reflections. Fresh and pleasantly fruity, offering delicate citrus notes which sit within a symphony of peach and Red Delicious apples. Running through this is the complexity of Pinot Noir, the undisputed star of the best sparkling wines. On the plate, the wine offers an elegant combination of acidity and residual sugar, counterbalanced by the right level of sapidity Meanwhile, elegant perlage adds a sense of prestige.

Proyecto Cuatro Brut Cava

11.5% Intense aroma with characteristic citrus fruit notes of grapefruit, pineapple and mango, along with delicate herbal notes. this is a notably fresh style, with balanced acidity and a long, fruity finish.

Proyecto Cuatro Demi Sec Cava

11.5% Pale yellow with golden hues, this cava offers fine and abundant bubbles. This is a well balanced cava with good structure and a fresh, friendly and clean finish.

Proyecto Cuatro Rose Cava

11.5% Cherry Blossom color, clean and bright with fine and abundant bubbles. Fresh aromas of strawberries coming from the varietal, which are also present on the harmonious palate.

Cirro Sauvignon Blanc

Gorgeously fruited and immediately appealing with kiwifruit, Granny Smith apple, nectarine and lemon zest aromas, it’s juicy and lively on the palate with excellent fruit power and persistency, finishing long and flavoursome.



Mi Tierra Anejo Tequila

40% Ideal for sipping and enjoying without haste. Aged with patience for 18 months in French oak barrels.

Mi Tierra Reposado Tequila

40% Bottled in our very distinct carved glass bottles after resting for 8 months in French oak barrels.

Mi Tierra Blanco Tequila 100% Agave

40% Clear, Smooth, classic balanced, rich with agave aromas and flavors.

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