Mexico City, Mexico


Our culture is the cornerstone of Casa Modelo. In 1925, Modelo started brewing beer for the hard-working people of Mexico and continues to do so in the United States. From traditional customs to modern celebrations, we’ve been holding true to our roots and brewing beer for those who believe in better.Grupo Modelo is the largest brewery in Mexico. It has 63% of the Mexican beer market and exports beer to most countries of the world, other than the United States. Its export brands include Corona, Modelo, and Pacífico. Grupo Modelo also brews brands intended solely for the domestic Mexican market, including Victoria Estrella and León and Montejo. Grupo Modelo has exclusive rights in Mexico for the import and distribution of beer produced by Anheuser-Busch.



Other Brews:

  • Modelo Chelada
  • Modelo Especial
  • Modelo Picante
  • Negra Modelo

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