Danica Rosè

Provence, FR

Website: https://danicarosewine.com/

Danica’s love for wine is fueled by the romance around it.  The delicate process of making wine.  The beautiful landscapes and regions of the world that encapsulate it.  The rich history and arduous labor of love behind every cluster of grapes.  But mostly, it’s about bringing people together.  With all of the distractions in the world today, we struggle to even sit at a dinner table without looking at our phone.  The intention behind wine is to connect. Danica chose to make a French rosé because it provides a different vision of wine.  It’s approachable for any occasion.  It’s a wine that can be enjoyed just as much on the patio as it can at the dinner table.  Danica Rosé is a wine that sparks connection freely. It was only logical that Danica desired Provence to be her next wine adventure.  The south of France produces some of the world’s best wines, where nearly two-thirds of the region is dedicated entirely to rosé.  The winemaking history there dates back 2,600 years when the Greeks planted the first grapevines in Provence, making it the oldest wine region in France.  With such deep-rooted history, making rosé in Provence is a specialty to the region, and a long-standing way of life thanks to a climate, terroir and grape varietals perfectly suited to this wine.



Wine Products:


12.5% Luscious and vibrant flavors of crisp white peach, fresh cut melon, tart strawberry, hibiscus, and lime blossom complemented by perfect minerality, balanced acidity, and a generous and refreshing finish.



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