Manchester, England


Established in 1778. On the corner of Great Ducie Street and New Bridge Street in Strangeways, Manchester, is where two grain merchants, Thomas Caister and Thomas Fry, founded the Strangeways Brewery in 1778. Henry Boddington joined the business in 1832 as a traveler (the local vernacular for repairman) and rose to become a partner. Henry Boddington became the sole owner in 1853. The company was renamed Boddingtons Breweries in 1886 following Henry’s death.



Boddingtons Pub Ale

ABV: 4.6%

Style: English Ale

Taste Profile: Renowned for its golden color, distinctive creamy head, smooth body and easy drinking character, Boddingtons is a medium-bodied pale ale. It has a creamy, malty and slightly sweet flavor and features a clean, pleasant aftertaste.

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