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Dallas, TX


BLU USA has partnered with BLU Drink International as the sole importer, distributor and developer of BLU in the U.S., the largest energy drink market in the world at $22.1BN per year and rising at 10.3% annually.

This partnership is an exciting and dynamic one.   BLU Drink International recognizes BLU USA as a  viable partner and knows that we possess the same determination and tenacity that made BLU a world wide success; their business prowess and success is what we at BLU USA aspire to and combined, we know that our 2 companies desire for innovation and brand supremacy will make us the #1 Energy drink in the world! This same desire is what created BLU in the first place.

In 2007, BLU Drink International set out to create the next generation of energy drinks.

They knew they must create a drink that could truly compete with RedBull’s branded taste, buzz, alcohol mixability and definitely price!  Research and development began, and  this question was asked to the consumers:  What do you like/dislike about RedBull?  The likes were:  name brand and alcohol mixability;  and  the dislikes:  caffeine crash, too carbonated, poor aftertaste, irritated stomach, jitters, excessive prices and poor customer service.  With this knowledge and a team of drink experts, BLU Drink was born!  Branded taste and mixability, combined with easier consumption dynamics made BLU an instant success!  In just 3 years BLU had captured a significant market share in every region it was introduced.

Over the past 3 years, BLU has enjoyed great success in the international market and is recognized as a premier energy drink throughout the world.   It is widely accepted as the choice energy drink because of its great taste and absence of poor after taste.  The last 18 months have been the most successful!

Today, BLU is exported to 39 countries on 6 continents.



Other Flavors:

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  • Blue Energy
  • Blu Sugar-Free
  • Blu Alpha Sugar-Free

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