Alani Nu

Louisville, KY



The bottom line is that our entire mission is to help you succeed. Whether you want to hit your last rep, hold your next handstand, or balance your hormones, we want to be beside you. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to create a company you can communicate with and to produce wellness and fitness products you can trust.

In order to do that, we’ve found the right partners to help us eliminate the negative ingredients and fillers from our supplements, perfectly balance our ingredients, and even perfect our flavors so that every Alani Nu supplement is delicious. We’ve also made the commitment to produce our products in the USA. Alani Nu supplements are strategically designed to provide you with everything they need and nothing they don’t, to help them find the strength inside.



Other Flavors:

  • Addison Rae Seasonal Rotation
  • Blue Slush
  • Breezeberry
  • Cherry Slush
  • Cosmic Stardust
  • Fit Shake – Vanilla
  • Fit Shake – Chocolate
  • Fit Shake – Munchies
  • Fit Shake – Fruity
  • Fit Shake – Cookies & Cream
  • Hawaiian Shaved Ice
  • Mimosa
  • Rocket Pop Seasonal Rotation
  • Sparkling Water – Lemon Cream
  • Sparkling Water – Cotton Candy
  • Sparkling Water – Orange
  • Sparkling Water – Peach
  • Sparkling Water – Pina Colada
  • Tropsicle
  • Watermelon Wave

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