Owensboro, KY


Kentucky 10 is an approachable, easy drinking wheated bourbon.  Wheat lends a sweet, soft character to this fantastic Kentucky born bottle. Distilled at 10 Distillery Rd., Owensboro Kentucky in DSP-KY-10. Originating in 1885 as the Green River Distillery, DSP-KY-10 has been through fire, Prohibition, multiple ownerships and a long dormant period before its resurrection to its former glory in 2016.

We buy only Kentucky corn and more than 60% of it comes from our very own Daviess County. We’ve built deep relationships with farmers whose families have been growing for more than 100 years. We test corn samples before each delivery leaves the truck to guarantee the crop meets our standards. The limestone in our Kentucky water adds minerals, filters out impurities and promotes ideal fermentation. Our chemistry lab fitted with leading edge technology ensures quality always remains at the highest level or you won’t find it in our whiskey. By distilling in our Vendome copper still and doubler, we’re able to craft the softest, smoothest whiskey possible every time, whether it’s a classic bourbon or a one-of-a-kind blend,
like our Kentucky 10 Bourbon.



Other Flavors:

  • Kentucky 10 – Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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