101 North

Livermore, CA

Website: https://www.101northwine.com/

The spirit of adventure comes alive in the 101 North Wine Collection. Our winemaker Todd Jenkins, a California native, knows the spontaneous, “live for the moment”occasions that come along when exploring this iconic west coast highway.

Todd brings to life the epic ocean views, stunning mountain vistas and lingering sunsets in each 101 North inspired varietal. Each varietal reflects California terroir in its expression with an emphasis on balance, vibrancy and fruit-forward character.



Wine Products:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml
  • Chardonnay 500ml
  • Chardonnay 750ml
  • Moscato 750ml
  • Pinot Grigio 500ml
  • Pinot Grigio 750ml


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