Better Brands, Inc. Employees Earn Cicerone Beer Server Certifications

Better Brands announces that 126 employees from their Delivery, Warehouse, Sales and Administration teams have successfully earned their Cicerone Level 1 Beer Server Certification. This is the industry standard for entry level beer knowledge and is qualified by rigorous testing at the completion of several hours of training. Together with their partners at Boston Beer, Better Brands dedicated the time and attention to give their team the chance to earn their certification. It’s Better Brands’ goal to continuously challenge themselves to provide the highest level of service and support to their customers. “Whenever you encounter one of our employees, it should be an enlightening conversation about styles, proper handling or serving recommendations which should make the beer experience all the more enjoyable. As this world gets more complex, we saw a real opportunity to invest in the training necessary for the team to become subject matter experts and provide more value with every interaction they have with retailers,” said Jason Hayes, Executive Vice President. Beer is a great business to be a part of and brings people together like no other. The beer industry continues to be a very profitable driver for retailer’s business while the ever-changing array of styles and brands give consumers something to talk about continuously. “We are very proud of our employees stepping up to this challenge and even more so excited to bring this value of beer knowledge to all our friends in the Grand Strand,” said Hayes. Better Brands proudly serves Horry and Georgetown counties with the finest portfolio of beer products since 1965.


Cheers to safe and efficient distribution of alcohol.

South Carolina’s beer wholesalers operate in a unique regulatory environment that was established by the 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, as well as the federal and state governments in the wake of the repeal of prohibition. Beer wholesalers occupy the middle tier of a three-tier system established for the distribution and sale of beer. This system was designed to insulate retailers from control by suppliers, encourage moderation in consumption, guarantee full collection of state and federal taxes and permit states to impose rules and regulations on the licensed beverage industry that reflect their own practices and beliefs. This three-tier system has far exceeded its creators’ expectations. It is highly efficient and extremely responsive to local concerns.  For more information about the South Carolina Beverage Wholesale Association please click here.