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With e-commerce and SKU proliferation on the rise, self-ordering is becoming increasingly important. Selling and promoting such a large number of SKU’s can add complexity to your operations; however, self-ordering can help. DSDLink is an e-commerce platform that transfers the responsibility of taking orders from your sales reps to the retailer and allows the retailer to place orders at their convenience.

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With an overall goal of providing fresh, high quality products to consumers throughout the Grand Strand, Better Brands provides a complete range of distribution services to beverage retailers of all kinds: bars, restaurants, grocery stores, discounters and other types of product outlets.  We operate a 90,000 square foot climate controlled distribution warehouse in Myrtle Beach, SC to serve nearly 2,300 retail outlets in Horry and Georgetown counties. Our delivery team handles around 25 to 30 different sales routes a day to provide fast and excellent customer service.